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Saturday, November 20th, 2004
8:43 pm
FEEL MY UNDYING WRATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See...isn't it so warming, all that wrath, it is almost like a fire there to warm us when it's cold and to burn down our house when left unattended. In anycase for the first time ever I took my drafting stuff home to work on it, and OMG I am the best ever I drew Clock WITHOUT my 45, that is crazy hard considering the minute had requires the 45 to draw so yea, I eyeballed it and I didn't do that bad of a job subbing my 45 with my T-square, of course Davis would kill me if he found out. Also tomarow I am gonna do another drawing that requires the 45 to exist and yet I still do not have it so it will be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! Not to mention Lisa guilted me into going to a birthday party tomarow, one which I did not really want to go to for the reason that the only people that I might accually know will be the B-day boy, whom I might add I am not very good friends with and his girlfriend Lisa, the same Lisa who guilted me out into going. I mean I would rather spend such a great sunday playing games like FIFA Soccer with my brother and beating the shit out of the other team till they can't even walk then winning 19 to 0 like we did in teh Germany Greece game. Guess which team we were on....GERMANY OF COURSE YOU DIPSHIT, WE DON'T THROW PLATES, that is just dumb. But yea life is still goin very swell, take tonight for exaple, I mean sure you could argue that yes it was a crappy game of CTI because the commander was a freakin dipshit because even though he had a good team he would't let them do what they do best because HE WOULD N OT LET US HAVE MONEY TO HAVE ANY SORT OF EQUIPTMENT TO FIGHT WITH!!!! In anycase I was a sneaky bastard and took out the enemy MHQ witha little help from my eye in the sky Legacy who SAT cammed me to the MHQ without a hitch, unfortunitly I died shortly after taking the MHQ out and then I spent the rest of the game trying to get a repo truck out of the north a Feet I never accoplished because the comm is a fucking idiot and not only built the crappiest base ever but since no one could afford any tanks or anything we were competly blockaded up in the north, FUCKING COMMANDER. But yea later we raided the enemy base again and blew it to hell thus winning the game but I swear I will never let that moron command again. O yea, TAKE MY FREAKIN QUIZ FROM MY LAST UPDATE YOU JERKS, you might learn somethign about the old Rubbara you never knew before..............................slobs.

Current Mood: Dandy
Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
7:42 pm
haha I made a quiz on me. All who wish to proove their worth will take it hahahahaahhahahahahaha have fun!!!

I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! and then Check out the Scoreboard!

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, October 21st, 2004
6:38 pm
A New Year, A New View of the World
So as teh title suggests I have changed very much so to the point where my view of the world is completly diffrent, this made me decided my Bio no longer fit me therefore I have changed it to something that fits how I am feeling much better. For I am no longer depressed in any way shape or form, I am in perfect happiness, and I don't think anything (other then my retarded as hell economics class) can change that. No longer am I the greatest pecimist ever, I now have a good outlook on everything and life in general and am now always gaining the view of the good in every situation. I may have had a crappy as hell junior year but my senior year, at least so far has kicked ass and I beleive will continue doing so. The reason for my lack of updating is simple, I really have no reason to anymore, LJ has in effect lost it's perpose, I have no reason to really care about it because it only had any true effect when I was depressed and feeling like shit, and now it just seems to waste the time I could be using to be a happy ass fuck, so in anycase I think I will continue to update like every month or so, if that. But yea, I am doing great, thatnks for asking, and maybe in a few days I will be Just Dandy, and just maybe, I might be absolutly fantastic. I know not what lay upon the horrizon, all I know is that it is good.

Current Mood: JUST GREAT!!!!
Friday, September 24th, 2004
7:10 am
since 5:00
so yea I ahve been up since 5:00 writing a happy story that I have grown to like very much, and that dosn't happen often. I thought it kicked ass and that is all that matters so I don't give a shit what you think, but anyway I am gonna post it for all you people to read just because i think it is a wonderful story I hope you enjoy.


You could always hear screaming, the screams of the dead and the dying, and everyone knew that something terrible was always going on inside. The screams were so terrifying they scared away the sheriff before he even stepped onto the property that the structure was placed on. It was a torture chamber and the weeds covering it and all the land around it was the blood of the already damned souls. No one knew why this structure was here and no one dared contest it.
I woke up with much glee that morning in anticipation of the French toast that awaited me for breakfast. I liked French toast better then any other sort of breakfast food item, but pancakes held a close second. Breakfast was so great that Balko from the land of the four legged creatures decided to join us and I gave my normal tribute of two bites of food, he expressed his glee and began to rest his head upon my feet, it felt so good rubbing his nice soft fur I almost went into a trans of some sort, but then I remembered the food from the sweet sweet smell of the syrup that engulfed it.
After breakfast I decided to get a status report on my unsuspecting target. All was well, nothing had changed, not even the footprint the sheriff left in the weeds before running in fear, “and as long as the footprint stays your soul will be hunted by the devil,” but that is just a saying that everyone is to terrified of to forget. Well in any case the coast was clear and the time was right to run the operation.
While in my room I dawned my black ski mask, black turtle neck, and a black pair of sweat pants, I was ready. Now it’s not everyday that you see a person sneaking around in all black in broad daylight, but then again I knew it was going to be dark inside and I will let nothing get in the way of my victory.
As I approached the house the weeds began to pull me in with a waving motion, I tried my best to ignore it but alas it was to strong and I was pulled strait into the weeds and the hell they represented; but instead of drowning or being pulled to the center of hell itself as I predicted, I felt nothing, actually it was quite comfortable laying there. I thought my life was over but now that it’s not I best move on before something really bad comes.
Well now that the weeds were no longer the enemy I decided I would use them and crawl around the side of the house. I circled once and found all but one window to be closed; unfortunately it was located about 5 feet above my head. This was gonna be tricky. I leapt, and grabbed onto the brittle shingles that coated the wall, fortunately for me the shingles faced up allowing me to crawl up them with ease. As I approached the window I began to feel victory in my stomach and threw myself in. “BAM, CRASH,” I had smashed into a lamp, and I could feel huge sensations of pain coming from my chest, everything began to get blurry, and the ground below me was wet with some sort of liquid, and then it was over, all had gone black.
Yet nothing had gone black, all of a sudden I was up out of my collapsed and weakened body, now I was floating about the room. I heard a man calling with an old scratchy sort of voice calling “Who’s there” again and again, and then I saw him, walking in the hallway in an old ripple bathrobe, and in his had he carried a candle. He stood in the doorway staring at my body. I tried to shout at hi to stay away but no sound came from my vocal cords, I was helpless in front of the devil himself. I was terrified of what was to happen next, would Satan try to look for the soul that was watching him now, or would he consume my body, neither. I saw him reach for the phone on his right and dial in three numbers, then he screamed into the thing “There is some kid lying dead in my house!”
After he hung up the phone he went closer to my body and he began to feel it’s wrists, it was quite obvious that he was terrified out of his mind that when the ambulance arrived he didn’t even notice, he just sat there staring blankly as tears ran down his face, and in that moment I realized, I had nothing to fear from this house of tricks, that nothing bad lived here, just an old man who has the same feelings and powers as anyone else.
All of a sudden, I felt like I was being pulled, I flew strait through a wall out of the building and into the ambulance, I was then forced into my body, and again my weak shell breathed life.

Current Mood: Fluffy
Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
7:15 am
Gah I am bored and sitting here at my computer before school yay, but as of right now all I want is a hug, a nice happy hug. If only I could create an imaginary creature to hug me whenever I wanted it to hahahahaa, that would be so cool. But yea HUGGIES HUGGIES HUGGIES. In other news all my classes kick ass and for the first time since ever I am enjoying school, for real this time, I'm serious. I know it sounds crazy and you are probubly wondering how the fuck I am gonna graduate taking classes I love but beleive me it is possible and very very fluffy, I mean this is fluffier then a freakin bunny, and that is pretty goddamned fluffy cuz bunnies are really fluffly and cute looking and soft yay. Well in any case I hope I made a few more of your brain cells run away in terror hahahahhahahaa.

Current Mood: silly
Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
2:35 am
Nothing is wonderful
Wow, it is a shame that a time like summer has to come to an end, the endless hours sitting here staring into my computer screen with an empty mind, sleeping in till 3pm, not a care in the world. Yet all good things must come to an end, to bad such harsh things must be true.

Today was awesome, I just setup a new proboards forum for the tragic loss of the ICL website, Rob has blown a socket me thinks and he sent in his resignation form just a few days ago, with him gone we no longer have a site as he was the one who was paying for the webspace. It is sad, I have not been able to speak with him since he posted that but o well, I guess he does not want anyone to have the chance of changing his mind. But anyway I have been having a wonderful time sitting here wasting away as I call it, just got done watching Office Space, I guess that movie kinda purpetuates the whole doing nothing thing but o well, it matters not as it was either watch that or sit here and be bored, and contary to popular beleive being bored can be a lot of fun. Beiung bored gived you time to think, think about all the crazy things you want, and allows you to tmake a crazy screwed up world of your own within your mind, kinda like a dream, where anything you want can happen. Well anyway I think I am gonna change my desktop picture because I have had it on a picture of this tank for a bit to long me thinks, I don't wuite know what I want to change it to but it should be a lot of fun thinking about it. Another good thing that is happening is I think my addiction to Star Wars Galaxies is begining to ebb as I have not played it for a long time now, I have put a great deal of my time into playing Rise of Nations, and let me tell you, that is a really really fun game.. I like playing quick battles in the enlightenment age because nothing beats armys of musket weilding soldiers battling, the crack of the muskets and the smoke is just devilishly cool, they should make a FPS based on these times because it would be awesome to charge people into battles with those type of weapons, it would destroy any chance of a rambo player going around and being succesful, cuz you only really get one shot and then it is over uless you can find some cover, or you just hope your enemy is a bad shot. All I know is that I am still a lazy bastard and I enjoy being this way, nothing beats nothing, and nothing is wonderful.

Current Mood: nothing
Friday, August 13th, 2004
2:48 pm
So yea that Live journal
Well a lot has happened since my last update, but I think that is supposed to happen over a few months. So first off I would like to say that I am feeling pretty good right now, listening to "Sounds good to me" by annihilator will make anyone feel just dandy no matter how terrible the situation seems. Well as far as the CTITC league, it was ok other then the 4 hour crap game with kaos (just so you know 4 hours means it was a draw and requires a rematch), to make it better they didn't show up to the rematch but durring the time between the match and the rematch all hell broke loose in the CTITC, and 2 things came out of it (other then the carnage thrown uppon kaos for supposid cheating in a league match) and those were the UCCTI which is a an organisation much like the UN and it was made to help keep peace between the clans say if another insident like this one occured. The other thing that came out of all the anger and hate that filled that week was the BIL, which is a new league for CTI. But durring that week things like server crashings forum spamming and a lot of banning was going on, at one point the entire SF clan wore a BANNED avitar on the forums just to show how angry they were at the banning of their leader. Durring most of it I was trying to addvocate "who gives a shit" but no one started seeing that image till kaos decided that the CTITC was childish and left it permanently. To make a long story short the UCCTI later seemed meaningless and now no longer exists, but the BIL is still around and ICL is currently in that league getting ready for a fight. So yea back to the CTITC, we had a pretty good match with Devgru as we completly raped them to hell, there was some termoil after that match with them being sore loosers, but then there was TOB. TOB is an awesome clan that hails from the mighty communist nation of China, they are very honorable people who most of which cannot speak english but they still kick ass as when I was negotiating times for the match with their leader he took the extra effort to use a english chinese dictionary to make communication possible. Well the first match with TOB was so freakin awesome, we had a terrible start but that worked to our advanteg because when we reached the choke point towns they were just passing through and our slowness stopped them from being able to flank our forces or have free reign on our base, so after we lifted their assult we then moved to hols their choke points to great effectivness killing them one by one again and again. Then we got Kilo up in the Chopper, now the only way they could move around was by foot because any enemy vehicle signature kilo would blast into oblivion. At one point when kilo was rearming a TOB guy managed to shoot him with a LAW in base and destroy his chopper but we soon got him up in another one and from then on his ammo and repo trucks were never in base to keep rearming safer. Well after kilo was in the air I started rolling out shit loads of tanks which beat the TOB forces down even more. Now comes the bad part, just as our forces were nearing the last town to claim victory the srever crashed and none of you probubly realize what that means, well it means that a rematch is in order, o well we all thought we kicked their ass once we will kick it again. BUG from TOB offered to accept deffeat but I would not have it because TOB is just to cool to throw down like that. In the second match things did not go so well, we had little support from the squad and only were able to feild 6 players, we lacked kilo and his amazing chopperness, and 10 mins in we lost werewulf to a crash to desktop, to make things short we never really made it out of the north, there was one instance where eagle managed to go al the way down the map and started to capture all their towns but his AI were soon killed and it was weakened to just him sitting hin anilym constantly shooting ai stolling into town, TOB won on destruction in about 90 mins, of course we were not crushed because we played an awesoem game and to bring things in view our last game would have been over in 60 mins so we were better then TOB in lasting through a loosing battle and pressing our chances. And then the CTITC faded away. Durring most of this time I was hanging out with alicia on the off days that I wasn't playing for the CTITC, on the kaos match day I was going to hang out with her but the game lasted so long that hanging out was imposible. So yea as far as alicia goes at first we would just drve down to the beach and talk in her car as we watched the fishermen fish and the sun set, but later we decided to do otehr stuff, such as the day after the 4th of july we hung out on pedro point i think it is and cuddles in the back seat of her car for a few hours as the people on the beach were lighting fireworks, it was funny cuz the windows got all foggy. At one point I went over her house and (she would kill me if she read this) and we did all sorts of stuff, at first she was trying to get me in the sun, which she succeded at but not for long, we only hung out on the back portch for about an hour then went back inside, I got to lay on her bed with her and as she describes it devergintised my bed to having guys lay on it. and then we made out for an hour or 2. After that we started hanging out at my house and we would watch movies and stuff, but I felt bad because after a few times at that she decided that a relationship was imposible, so o well I guess it happened again but you know what, I don't care because I have much better things to do then want to be in a relationship with a person who loves gettign drunk for energy and smoking weed just because it is there. O well I guess I kinda agree with her on the relationship part because it would probubly never work out, I am completly anti drugs and she is drug crazy, not to hard to figure out me thinks. So yea also over this summer I went to happy summer school and learned about all wonderful things that I already knew, so I feel as though I wasted a whole heep load of my like in 2 and a half hour long classes for more then half of my summer, but I passes the class with a 97% so take that all you bitchs. I also got into star wars galaxies and from the first day I started the trial I was hooked on that shit, I swear that is the most addictive game ever and it kinda makes me sad that I am so addicted to it that I am selling off my dreamcast just to play it again. You see SWG (star wars galaxies) is one of those online RPG pay to play games, it costs 15 bucks per month a although seems totally pointless it is just so dominating over your life, after playing it you will not know anythign else, it is so terrible. SO yea my auction for my dreamcast still has 2 days left so if anyone wants to you are free to bid on it hahahahahahaha. O yea durring the star wars thing Werewulf and his brother from ICL decided to change guilds (when we started we decided that we were all gonna go into this guild IRG) and they did so without warning and now they are banned from our ventrilo server and woods (our leader) hates them. I have secured a public ventrilo server just because I like beign able to talk with my freinds but it is terrible how woods is splittign us apart over something as stupid as this. Wel anyways I am still happy somehow but yea hurray fro earth and hurray for anyone who decideds to waste their life away reading this nonsence hahahahahahahaha, FEEL MY WRATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: pretty good
Thursday, June 10th, 2004
1:45 pm
HAHAHAHAH Mr. irresistable I am.
It is strange I don't beleive I have ever been in aposition like this before, I mean I got a girl that I think likes me and one that I know does. Just for all you sceptics I know she does because before I left school today she gave me her phone number (more like stoped me in the hall and started writing on my hand but o well) and told me to call her to hang out some time. But my whole delema is that I would rather be in a relationship with the girl I think likes me then the one I know does, so yea I am confused, but yea I have never been in a position like this, I mean most of the time I am the one who likes the girl and then goes and gets shot down by al the happy flak cannons, but yea it kinda sucks for me because I have no idea what to do anymore because it would't be right to try and be with them both till I can choose one, that is just wrong as far as I am concerned, to do it right I need to know if the girl I think likes me accually does, but I don't know, I am to shy to deal with this, I am gonna go hide in the corner now.

Current Mood: confused
Friday, May 28th, 2004
10:47 pm
Computer+Unstableness=me go get a jobness
yay, I no longer have the ability to read my CDRW drive, YAY I am so happy because my mainboard is withering into nothingess again and this time I don't have the funds to even send it back and even if I did what would be the point I have already found out it will make no diffrence. So to fix it this time I will get a job and then buy myself a new Intel mainboard and a new Radeon 9800 Pro 256 bit just for kicks, hahahahahahhahaha, well at least this time it took out a trivial drive and not my main hard drive like last time so yea, happiness, :) I am just sad Iwill loose most of my free time :( But hey, how am I gonna please the ladies (like I will ever get the chance) if I don't have the money to treat them to something nice, even if I am crazy enough to equal 10 overbudgeted movies, hahahahhahahahaha, well yea I will probubly head down to safeway tomarow and turn in 1 of my 6 aplications, lets hope I get hired soon before my whole mainboard dies eeeeeek.

Current Mood: Much more non-careing then I
Wednesday, May 19th, 2004
11:27 pm
I love this song "YOU DON'T NEED NO ANISTEDICS, CUZ I'M GONNA TAKE YOUR LIFE" it is so cool. Well yea today has been so cool for me, well it all started really in Creative writing when I got a call about the ROTC wanting my transcript so HELL YEA!!! I might accually get into the ROTC and then I can say FUCK YOU!!! to my mom and dad because the ROTC pays for everything so YAY!!! Yea then later today I did practice with my ICL buddies and created some new tactics for the CTITC but they are secret so SHHHHHHHHHH, I no tell you hehehe. So yea, today rules, other then the fact that I havn;t ready the book for english in a while so I better do that before the midbook test but o well, I am just so happy I don't know why I am so happy but o well I am happy so yea you all have to deal with it now HAHAHHAHAHAHAA, FEEL MY HAPPINESS FLOW THROUGH MY BODY. I mean I should feel bad cuz I technically did run away from home 2 nights ago for a few hours, basically my brother cut the power to my room so I went nuts and so I started playing my music really really load from my radio and mp3 player not to mention I turned on the sterio to play music strait into his room, TAKE THAT YOU ROTTEN PEICE OF SHIT!!!! I swear I will be so happy when I graduate and leave califonia behind, and my crappy ass family whom can all go fuck themselfs, well except for david, he is cool, so yea fuck them all but him, but yea I can;t wait to see my internet freinds in person and basically go nuts but yea that is a long way off, in a future that might not exist so I think it would be better to just forget about that for now, all I know is that i find myself wanting again, ut like before it is probubly better just to drop it. But either way I am super happy right now so YAY!!!

Current Mood: SUPPER HAPPY!!!
Monday, May 17th, 2004
4:53 pm
It's amazing isn't it
It's amazing, isn't it, how you can wake up in a great mood and on the perfect side of the bed and ready to have one of the best days in your life to it turning to udder shit. Gah it all started in the morning when I talked with my freind and remembered that I had to write a story for english class, well luckly we had a substetute for 2nd period so I was able to finish that. Basically the assignment was to write a story from one character's point of view and then write it a second time but from a diffrent character's point of view. Mine was a bout this realy young kid who destroys his stuffed animals and makes like the attack him and the other story was from the stuffed animal's point of view, this particular one was named Mr. Snuggums. I thought it was funny because I made Mr. Snuggums narrarate from an intelectual point of view and in the kids story I gave his imagination and in Snuggums story was what was really happening. All I have to say is that Mr. Snuggums is just totally awesome. But yea, I also forgot to do the Lab write up but luckly I found out that we weren't turning them in today. The really bad thing that happened today was when I forgot my backpack in the gym durring 4th period and I had to wait a whole hour through chem to get it back, not like I take notes anyways but yea, I got it back late at lunch but I was still angery at the damned ordeal, and durring 6th period I had Greg trying to copy all my damned answers for the fucking worksheet, o it was so goddamned annoying, and then 1st period was pretty cool I guess, I wrote a monolaug (however you spell the damn word), and basically we were to be revealing a secret and shit so I put this huge long drawn out prelude that took up a whole page for just admiting that I crushed a rollie pollie on the way to school some day, of course I did think it was funny because I started it off with "I was a naughty puppy." Well then I walked home and yea I talked with Michelle and for I think the first time I had no idea what the hell she was talking about so yea I was a yes man, I mean what else can you do other then just listen and agree I mean I had no clue on what she was describing, it was pretty funny, but yea. My day really didn;t start to get to bad until I got home and was about to do squad practice for ICL and no one showed up, I think that just crushed me more then anything ever has before because these people are my freinds and they just didn't show up, it makes me want to cry, esspecially since there is no way they didn;t know about it. But o well I am tired. Also over the weekend I started playing Earth 2025 again for the first time in like 2 years, it is a pretty fun online multiplayer country ruling game and I suggest everyone who reads this to at least try it. It is at http://games.swirve.com/earth/ and basically make an account in the primary game, I am in that one hehehe but yea and pray you get into game A and if you do my country is known as Hells Warground, so if you just look that up you can see me and if you want to you can allie with me and I will help you beat the crap out off all those other bastard countrys. Yea Earth 2025 is really run and pretty easy once you get the hang of it, so yea I hope you people decide to play it because it is a lot of fun and yea it is really addicting so don;t be suprised when you have no turns yet you are still just sitting there looking at the screen that displays all your country's stats, it is really envigorating.

Current Mood: crushed
Friday, May 14th, 2004
3:30 pm
I am nothing but a simple follower
Your Homocidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:AOL Trial CDs
Your Favorite Target:Hospital workers
Your Kill Count:1,000,823,250
Your Battle Cry:"I got mad skillz, yo!"
Years You Spend in Jail:40
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$287,294,761,463,709
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 2%
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

I will beat you with my insae CD throwing madness HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAAA, FEEL MY WRATH.

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, May 13th, 2004
9:08 pm
Collecting things
Humans, a race that desires possestions, worldly things that never gt used for their true purposes. Many people collect staps, coins, cards, and other things. But I have just now decided what I want to collect, drugs, yes drugs, not to smoke, swallow, inject, or any of that other shit they can be used for, I will collect them just to have them. I think it is a funny idea to collect something of such value to most humans who are addicted to them, nicotean, crystal meth, mushrooms, weed, E, Acid, hell even caffean are on my list. I am going to have to get a job to afford all of them but it will be a lot of fun and I will probubly piss off my freinds cuz they will never be able to get high off of my collection, hahahahhahahaaa.
Well for the 2 presentations today for creative writing I sucked completly, otehr Chris did not show and I basicaly had to go it alone, Issei came with me but I still had to do basically all of the talking and I really just stunk the place up because without Chris's enthusuasm and engergy, I could do nothing, I had no confidence in myself. I felt horrible because the teachers did help out and what made me feel even worse was that I needed them. But I guess a good thing that happened today was in a game of CTI I angered the enemy so much that they had to will to fight anymore so they all just left, but what can you expect when they cept doing the same old crap and never changing strategies, I mean really, if you didn;t make it the first time what are the chances of you making it the second, or third, or forth, or fith, o wait, you quit, PUSSY. O yea and I think I am in love with the V-80 attack helicopter because it has a fucking telescopting or whatever scope, I mean no one can get away from it with it's zoom, you can just sit out side an enemy base and smurf them without them even seeing you, it is so great, I shot down a cessna with the scope, IT WAS SO AWESOME, I swear I always wanna play as a ruskie in CTI now just because fo the V-80. In a way the ruskies have it all, tank power in the begining with the T72 and them air power in the end, when the Nato powers have the crappy ass M60 in the begining which is the worst tank in the game and then the AH-64 at the end, I mean all they got goin for em at the end are the M1s and those are taken out by V-80s so fast it ain't even funny, to bad my first match in the CTITC is playing as west, but I did just set up a practice with the RN clan so we will be ready for anything. I tried to set upa match with nOObs for training as well but they never responded, those fuckers. But yea, on saturday we are doing a CTITC practice skrimish/match with 88th so we are getting ready and it will be great, I expect ICL to reach the winner of division b so we can kick everyon is division a's ass in season 4, I am ready for an asswhooping and it will start here.

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
9:16 pm
wow, I am getting really fucked up
no, I am not doing drugs, well steven thought it nessisary to give me another cigarrete so I think Firby is going to switch off or something, or have both at the same time, a suber smoker, hahahhahahaa. Well yea today I did some presentations to classes about saving creative writing with another Chris in the class, I can't spell his last name so I will do my best, Gonzalus, something tlike that. Well he decided to use peer presure tactics in order to get people to sign the petition for getting into creative writing next year. But what Chris dosn't know is that peer presure only really works for the here and now, not the long term commitment that we were asking, so i would say that maybe 2 out of every 10 names we got was worth something, it kinda makes me feel bad that I was supporting his tactic or at least not calling him on it. I basically did a bunch of the explaining about the course and stuff and I did my little march around the classroom witch felt really cool to do, I swear if I ever become a teacher or a speaker of some type I am doing that. Well yea that is basically how it went, potter and bansie were bitchs cuz potter told us to end our presentation witch I found very rude and according to ther sources as the presentation went on she got angerier and angerier, so yea I guess poter deffinatly dosn;t like me, not that I ever cared cuz I never had her as a teacher and never will, but yea bensie tried to direct us in our presentation like we didn;t know what we were doing and that kinda made me feel bad. Yea presenting to Ms. Hollander was funny cuz there were a lot of people in that class that I knew, including this girl that is in my history class, I think she might like me but I am probubly wrong like I always am, but damn I guess you kinda get that feeling when you always catch her looking at ya, but o well. Yea it was funny, I have a lot of people in my chem class that have potter 1st period that were yelling at me that they didn;t want to take the class, that only prooved the falacy of Chris's tactic, we are doing 2 more presentations tomarow so I think I will tell him to think of another method or let me handel the name getting because I would ratehr not make the class look like it is full of a bunch of juackasses who use below the belt tactics to get you to do something, it isn;t a good image. Of course it was funny to see Michelle laughing her ass off a lot of the time, well at least that is all I remember her doing. Well yea in the past few days I have decided to write the ICL history for the website and Rob thinks I am doing a good job but I am having my brother proofread and edit my writing just in case because I know I am not the greatest writer in the world, I just manage to always get by. But yea I have decided to write the History in segments or chapters you could say, such as my first chapter which is called ]CTI[ after what ICL was before it was ICL, it was even under diffrent managment then, and when ICL left ]CTI[ the leader of that Xel changed the name to Kaos-CTI which is now the most hated CTI clan of all, not to mention the most crushed one, I do beleive they have never won a clan match and if I were Xel, (and let me add they were caught cheating in a match against another clan) I would never talk to shit to anyone cuz right now as far as I am concered he and his mob are on teh bottom of the pit and goin nowhere fast, and it pisses me off because he might get addmitted to the CTITC into devision A and if that happends I am gonna take ICL out of the CTITC just out of pure disgust for the injustice to the squads that accually have any skill, or who decided to sign up ON TIME. Yea as far as on the home front I have put out invitations to 3 ICL players to join 2nd battalion and they have 5 days to accept or deny or else it becomes an automatic deny, so far one has accepted alreay and I had no douts that he would, another I know would accept in a heartbeat but he dosn't seem to be around anymore so he might not get the chance and that kinda saddens me because he use to always bug me about it, and now that he gets his chance he might not get in, o well, all I have to say to him is you snooze you loose. Well yea that is my life now, so yea, and I want some damn comments cuz I am getting very lonly down here :(

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Monday, May 10th, 2004
7:10 pm
I don't want to fail english damn it
Well in an effort to not fail english class I am putting forth effort to accually read the book witch really isn;t that bad but normally I just don't put the time out to read it, but I am reading this one and yay hopefully it will reinforce my grade in the class. Well enough about boring school I just downloaded a crapload of new music in the last 2 days and I am kinda happy I got outo f my old swing of music, I downloaded one album by Disturbed and I think they kick ass, played an awesome game of plane frenzy while listening to it. THe teams in that game were me backwoods (rob), and eagle one vs Binkster, Vernon, MadAngel, Phantasm, and Weerwulf. And let me tell you the battel was FUCKING AWESOME, normally you would think the smaller team to get totally owned but no we kicked so much ass, and I was amazed to see Eagle accually flying cuz if you all don't know of his disibility, he only has one arm and normally to fly a plane you need one hand on the mouse and one on the keyboard so all I have to say is that Eagle is the coolest OFP player I have ever fuckin seen, I swear if I ever get to meet him in person I am gonna give him a good hug, he deserves it. Well yea I have volunteered to write the history of ICL to be put on the ICL website and also the idea to have all 3 founding fathers to write diffrent versions just to get diffrent perspectives, but yea i can't wait to write it. Also it was really great when I left the server to read all my buddies gave me a heartfelt goodbye, it was awesome, I felt so loved <3, not to mention it was after I really kicked the shit out of everyone, but everyone put up a good fight and that is all that matters, effort, not skill, skill can always be augmented but the effort and the atitude of someone cannot. O yea, over the weekend I did tryouts for Werewulf and he prooved himself to be a very good team player and excelent at taking orders so I gave the ok to start a vote on him, I sure hope he gets into the squad, but we have had no one get turned down so the odds are on his side. Well yea that is it for my day, omg I am so loved, o yea it was funny rob was talkin to me about how school is pointless and stuff and you could hear his girlfreind in the backround getting angery at him for saying that to me, I just think that is funny.

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Sunday, May 9th, 2004
6:28 pm
I am sick of it
I am sick of being pushed down by my idiot brother and tonight I have no thought in my head of bowing down to anything he says, I am here sitting with my foil (a sword used for fencing) read to beat the crap out of the retard if the need arises witch it probubly will. I am sick of him and everything he is, if this goes to far I might not be at school on monday but I don't think I will end up killing him, maybe just sending him to the emergency room at most, scratch that, at least. so yea, I am sick of his crap and I will not take it anymore.

Current Mood: crazy
Friday, May 7th, 2004
3:04 pm
Carefree and lovin it
Well last night I worked my ass off on the Math project while I was watching 2001 A Space Oddyssey, it's pretty good movie if you take out the scenes that took forever and got no where like when the space ship was landing on the moon, they made it last like 20 mins when it should hae taken 20 seconds. Yea it is a very interesting movie if you can stay awake through the entire thing but that is very difficult to accomplish taken the fact that it is 140 mins long. "I can't do that Dave". But if you all checked out the ICL website you would all know that we are holding tryouts tomarow so I am anticipating a good turnout considering we have over 15 applicants. Basically though I just relaxed my way through school today, I would have felt better if my legs didn't keep cramping up but o well, thats what you get for overusing them in PE. But yea I was really happy to get a ride home from Michelle today cuz I don't think my legs would have allowed me to go home, the pain would have defeated me eventually, I had a hard enough time walking to my classes, so yea, a special thanks to michelle, and her mom for aparently not being a jerk (others may say bitch) today. Of course it does kinda scare me that she thought my mom was my sister, it makes me want to go throw up but then I remember that I have nothing to throw up and it would be a waste of food if I did.So yea, now I sit here, relaxing on my super confy computer chair just kicken it, typing this useless article on witch nothing is accomplished, but it is fun anyways. O yea, I got a check from the government yesturday, $4 o yea, that is probubly the most money I will ever see from california in my life, but hey now I have 9 bucks instead of 5 so it's all good, and well now firby has his cigarette, he is happy, yay, it looks so much better then that rolled up peice of paper I had before, and no I wil never smoke it, remember I am anti al that shit, but I do think it is funny to make completly inocent and childish things to look high. Hopefully my mom won't notice cuz if she does she might start yelling at me about doing drugs but then again I don't so she will be just wasting her time and it might end up being really funny anyways, nothing is funnier then someone wasting their time going after something that isn't there. It would be great to see her raid my closets and shit for drugs I mean then I could force her to clean up my room when she was done :). Well the island I am building for ofp is comming out nicly I just finished the outline of the first of the 3 islands that I am making and on that island I just finished the south western shore, it looks cool, I can't wait to start working on the park, I am gonna make it infantry heaven. Also me and my borther got a good idea for a movie to make because we have noticed that when I am commanding a CTI game I always get my MHQ out of base just before something bad happends to it like I would leave and then a minute later the enemy storms it in hopes of getting my MHQ but they always fail, but yea we were thinking of making a movie about that, I think it would be fun of course it might show other clans how I comm and give them an advanteg over me, but that dosn't really matter cuz they will find out durring the CTITC anyways so it matters not. Well yea right now I am downloading dirty deeds and expecting a whole weekend of relaxing so hahahhahaa.

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Thursday, May 6th, 2004
3:17 pm
My arms Are going to fall off!!!
O man I hate PE, I am so glad I am not doing any of that next year, but yea we did the push ups test today and o my god I did as many as I could. I mean I did push ups till my arms could no longer hold my body up, turns out that was 27 but with the slow speed in the tape the difficulty in it is holding your self up not the ability to go up and down. But my arms were so weak after the push ups I had difficulty moving back out on the mats. Yea then Jesika decided to be a jerk and tickle me in my emaciated state, that jerk, I am so ticklish, arg, damn sensitive skin, at least it is soft and I can pat my belly like a drum, yay. Yea I did 50 sit ups, I could have done like a thousand more cuz I didn't even start to feel the burn after 50, but I decided to stop just to give Will a break from counting, not to brag but that was the reason. Yea it sucks suz after school even though I drank like a gallon of water before walking home my mouth was all sticky and grose and ewwwwww, so now I am sitting here drinking a leter glass of water and I will soon hit the fruits and cheese, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I like cheese and fruit. It was funny I just checked my sugar and it was 453, now that is bad, just think, normal is around 100, so yea I took like 27 units of insulin. O yea I talked to Mullen today aboout TAing next year and how much power I will have HAHAHAHHAHAHAAA, feel my wrath, I hope I get one of my freinds in the class I TA, that would be fun, so everyone hope for Mullen, I can be lenient in grading, hahahhaha, seriously I am sure I can give out a few points here and there. Like the otehr day my freind Sammi who is TA for Soden was grading history worksheets and someone answered a question with "Magick :)" and she wanted to mark them right just for being so cool, I would have at least given them half credit just so Soden didn't get mad but so the person felt good, you know the best of bother worlds cuz anyone who answeres a question with "Magick :)" is cool and deserves some credit. It's kinda like Ameal (probubly not the right spelling) in chem, everyone was telling him the correct answer and he still answered wrong, now that is how you know someone is cool. I will probubly never be cool that way and I would't really like to be cool cuz then people would expect things from me. O yea, durring lunch it was really funny, I was doing a little dance and making funny noises to scare my freind and then I fall down and roll down a few levels on the bleachers, of course everyone laughed their asses off, and then asked if I was ok, hahahhahaa, but yea I was fine thanks for asking. Wow I have a lot of homework to do I mean damn I will probubly be up all night working on this math project, not that it's deriks fault for not really doing much it is my own fault I took on the soul resposibility on it, and it's not a thing about me not trusting Derik, it's more based off the idea that whenever I do group projects I seem to be the only one that does anything right so it is engraved in my head to do everything. It's kinda like last year doing the Malaria project with Marcel Tomas, and must i say what an idiot, HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT DDT WAS, HOW CAN YOU RESEARCH MALARIA AND NOT KNOW ABOUT DDT. I don't remember what he thought DDT was but all I know is that I had to step in to inform the class that is was a toxin used to kill off mosquitoes where they land and was used because it didn't effect humans, but it did effect other animals and really fucked up africa cuz they threw the stuff everywhere. But yea I don't not trust Derik, it is just how I work, and plus I hate group projects cuz I can't do nothing cuz if i do nothing it will not just effect me, it will effect all the people working with me as well, and I just don't like the idea of that. But the play we are doing for creative writing is awesome and I can't wait till we start filming it cuz I get to play a deranged Faciest leader in a school setting, it's gonna be a ton of fun YAY!!!

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Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
5:50 pm
Tribes 2, FREE
Ok so yea, Tribes 2 is being offered free by Fileplanet.com, I suggest to anyone with DSL/Cable internet to get it because it might not be the best game around, 1 it is kinda fun for those gameless ones, and 2 IT'S FREE, so why not give it a whirl. Today was great though, for the main reason that I did not really have to do anything. Well it wasn't that great I guess cuz in Creative writing we are doing this thing where we write down 2 lies and one truth on a peice of paper and you tell these to the class and their supposed to guess at witch one is the truth, I guessed most of them right but yea I am sad because I didn't get to go. Mine was so great, I wrote stuff about my computer gaming witch how could anyone guess that I was lying at all so yea, that would have been fun but no, now I have to wait till friday to go, argness. But yea, nothin much else happened today except I found out that my freind is gonna give me a cigarette tomarow, AHHAHAHAHHAA, Firby will be most pleased :). O yea ICL has a new Website, www.iclsquad.com, it's pretty cool and rob has high hopes for the PHP Nuke, but I remember PHP very well with our dealings with the Croatia man, Cro was an ass if you ever got to know him well enough, I mean not only did he make ICL look like a bunch of assholes whenever he was admin, but what really pissed me off about him is he did profiles but he would put down diffrent things that you wanted and that was when I said enough and decided to start the process of kicking him out of the squad witch has been completed, accually that happened a long while ago and we have just recuperated from loosing his website but I am glad he is gone, he was the biggest fucker I had ever met, and he would never shut up on vent to basically, well back then we had TS( thats Teamspeak to you nongamers), I mean rob would be flying and see a tank ahead of me but I would't know till the first volly came because cro would't shut up, not to mention his accent was so deep it made him near imposible to understand. But I heard that Kami had an even deeper english accent and rob had to kick him off the server cuz he was only hindering our ability to comunicate, not to mention Kami was huge on meaningless chatter about gay sex. It is kinda funny the only people we have ever kicked out of ICL were Brits, apparently Cro tried to join the nOObs but when he wasn't accepted he stoped playing ofp all together, the idiot. But yea Kami's story is even funnier, cuz when he left ICL he went to Kaos, then he left there and went to Devgru, and left that and now is back in Kaos, I mena seriously, if I were Xel I would have never reaccepted him but then again Xel does admit anyone, and look where it has gotten him, 0 victories, 3 losses, int eh clan matches, poor fool, I am glad I left ]CTI[ when I did, cuz Xel is a retard.

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Friday, April 30th, 2004
7:20 pm
Would anyone like a hug?
Yea today was funny, I went through the whole day at school craving pizza, and I vowed to make myself some pizza when I got home, but instead I got on my computer and was about to start gaming WHEN. My mom got home and started to yell at me about alergy shots, and I was like, DAMN IT I FORGOT. Well I told Jj I would be back in like an hour or so, haha, big mistake, I forgot that this was also a doctors visit, not to mention perscription pick up day as well. Well anyways the bastards made us wait in the waiting room for what seemed like hours for that damn doctors apointment, I fell asleep about 3 times, but yea it sucks once the apointment started we were out of there in 15 mins, GAH, what a waste of time. Yea when we went to longe I got some Tumz, TAKE THAT HEARTBURN!!! I got the assorted Berry flavor Tumz, mmmmmmmmmmmm, they might as well call it candy, hahahahhahahahaha. But the good news about today was at safeway I got some icecream and some vanilla bread, not to mention the super heavy whipped cream, nothin like clogging your arteries years before your time, o yes I am a sure that I do not want to live beyond the age of 70, wel accually nevermind, cuz I think I would make a pretty fucked up grandfather and that would be lots of fun so I want to live as long as possible *throws whipped cream away*, but then again I love that cream *runs to go pick it up again*. But yea, my mom is baking me a pizza as I type so my craving will soon be over, thank superman, whom as well as god I do not beleive in, but I do beleive in the easter bunny, I mean who could't, who else would put those eggs out on easter other then your parents, I mean really, HAHHAHAHHAAA. but yea I just got home, I mean I think that was like 3 hours being out, but o well, all in the name of strawberry ice cream, mmmmmmmmmm. O god I can smell the pizza now, and it is good, hahahahhahahaha, PIZZA=GOOD, ME+PIZZA=HAPPY ME :)

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